Lumad is a leading feature films and TV series production company based in Greece.

The company has produced and executive produced, the most successful films ever released in the Greek film market, as well as a number of high rated TV series in the Greek territory.

Over the years, Lumad received funding, coproduced its projects and cooperated with the biggest and most important distribution companies, TV channels and investment funds in Greece.
Established by a creative, highly experienced and dynamic team of professionals from the audiovisual sector, Lumad is part of a group of companies ,active in a diverse range of industries in the Greek economy such as Energy production, Tourism & Hospitality as well as Waste Management.

Our company has proven extremely successful in raising funds through sponsorships and local commercial partners. Lumad was the first production company in Greece that raised financing through product placement in films and television.

Our success rests on the keen understanding of the film industry, our vast experience and profound know-how of the subject and our co-operation with the most talented and experienced professionals of Greece.